Turkey’s Foreign Policy

As I am posting this from a mobile phone, apologies for the unpolished nature of this post.  I would like to articulate some thoughts I have had about Turkey’s foreign policy to try to explain its seemingly insane decision to shoot down a Russian jet which had marginally violated its airspace for 17 seconds.

What is China’s Grand Strategy?

What is China's Grand Strategy?  


What connects China's push to internationalize the RMB, set up new global institutions to compete with the post-WWII order set up by the United States, and China's militarization of the South China Sea?  I've revisited an old discussion in the forms debating the death of the American superpower, and wondering how it might be achieving by a rising China.

Exposure to China’s Slowdown

Here's a short video from FT exploring the effect of China's economic slowdown on its major trading partners.  Outside of the commodity exporters, the takeaway seems to be that the slowdown won't affect the developed world to a significant degree, at least not directly.  Here's the key screenshot:


China Trade Links


And the video: