The Rise of China: Modeling the Future

In the last few years, a rising anxiety over the rise of China has led analysts and pundits to search for a framework through which to predict how China's rise will impact the global order, using terms such as Chimerica, the Thucydides Trap, and power transition theory.  Instead of discussing these ideas in the abstract, I thought it would be useful to look at how to model the future of China's rise by looking at several precedents over the last century, and examining how each case can contribute to our understanding of the US-China relationship today.

UK Election 2015

Interesting results for the UK, with a strong showing for the Conservative Party and the Scottish National [Socialist] Party.  I wonder if this will accelerate the calls to address the West Lothian Question (whereby Scottish MPs are allowed to vote on matters that affect England, but English MPs are unable to vote on matters that affect Scotland), and grant England its own parliament.