America’s Grand Strategy Towards China



The topic of America's grand strategy towards China will probably be a recurring theme on Ars Imperatoria, as the US and China continue to develop and define their relationship to each other, and their respective relationships towards the world.  This development will play out over the next several decades.

With the emergence of the AIIB, a new round of doubts have arisen over America's strategy towards China, and how to maintain Pax Americana in the face of a rising China, and indeed, an emerging Pax Sinica.  Deng Zhenghui, writing at the National Interest, points out the misaligned perceptions that make tensions likely to continue rising:

Asymmetric Warfare Redux

There's a thought-provoking article over at the National Interest called Bring Back the Privateers, which essentially argues that Congress should issue "letters of marque" (legal authority for private individuals/entities to conduct warfare) to combat the terrorist horde that we face today.  The article explains that private military contractors (PMCs) would be a natural fit for this role, as they have already been used extensively to amplify US military efforts abroad.